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Local Attractions

Our proximity to New York City and accessibility from other Eastern Cities and international airports makes the Catskill Mountains a perennial favorite vacation destination. Whether it's a romantic getaway or a family holiday, a trip to the Catskills promises fun and adventure for all.

Prattsville is one of the many charming towns that make up the Catskills and Moore's Motel provides a comfortable home base from which to embark upon various local excursions. Within walking distance of Moore's, you can visit the Prattsville Museum which chronicles the area's rich history, and hike historic Pratt Rock for spectacular mountain views.

Beyond Prattsville, there is so much to do and experience in the surrounding Catskill community. From various music festivals and cultural events to a plethora of outdoor activities and unique attractions, the Catskills has something for everyone.

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Vacation Activities

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Hiking, Biking & Water Sports

Amusement, History & Culture

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Local Dining

While vacationing in the Catskills and experiencing the wide array of wildlife, hiking one of the hundreds of trails or partaking in any one of the many other great Catskill adventures, no vacation is complete without a taste of the local food. Prattsville is centered between several great Catskill towns that have excellent restaurants, diners, snack-shacks, and ice cream shops.

Prattsville NY Restaurants - All in walking distance!

Beth's Cafe
14548 Main Street Prattsville

Great American Deli
49 Main Street Prattsville

Prattsville Diner
Main Street Prattsville

Prattsville Tavern
Main Street Prattsville

Grand Gorge NY Restaurants - About 10 minutes from Moore's Motel

Creekside Cafe
36429 State Highway 23 Grand Gorge

Hitching Post
37690 State Hwy 23 Grand Gorge

Pizza Palace
37166 State Highway 23 Grand Gorge

Stamford NY Restaurants - About 15 minutes from Moore's Motel

Mama Maria's Pizzeria & Restaurant
26817 State Hwy 23 Stamford

Ming Moon Restaurant
128 W Main St Stamford

Vasta's Italian Deli & Pizzeria
1 Grant Pl Stamford

Windham NY Restaurants - About 15 minutes from Moore's Motels

Brandywine Restaurant
11157 Route 23 Windham

Chalet Fondue Restaurant
Route 296 Windham

Chicken Run
5639 Route 23 Windham

Messina's Italian Restaurant
5658 Route 23 Windham

Michael's Diner
5339 Main St Windham

Mill Rock Restaurant
5398 Main St Windham

Neapolis Pizzeria & Grill
5330 State Route 23 Windham

Pizza Palace (Subway)
11 Vets Rd Windham

Rockin' Mexicana
5220 Route 23 Windham

Todaro's Italian Deli
5344 Main St Windham

Zerega's Restaurant
5351 Main St Windham

Zetalena's Pizza Parlor
61 State Route 296 Windham

Moore's Motel

State Route 23
14672 Main St
Prattsville, NY 12468
Phone: 1-800-675-0626